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Roy Nelson Has Some Harsh Words for Dana White

Roy Nelson doesn't do anything just to be political. Nelson, who is currently filming for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Shane Carwin, had some choice words for UFC president - and boss - Dana White in a recent interview with

White has already said that Nelson is under his skin during filming for TUF. "Big Country," meanwhile doesn't seem to really care.

"It's probably because he wants to be a fighter, and he's not," Nelson said, of his issues with White. "I think we were talking about coaching or something like that, and White's) not a coach. There's an understanding of being a fighter, and I don't think he understands."

Nelson knew he was probably not doing himself any favors when he enlisted the likes of former Olympic medalist and current pro wrestling star Kurt Angle, former Strikeforce champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal and Victor Conte to help him on the show.

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