MMA Analysis: Roy Nelson's Plan vs. Frank Mir at UFC 130


Roy Nelson is not only one of the more talented fighters in the sport of MMA, he’s pretty funny as well.  When asked of his plans to defeat former UFC Heavyweight Champion his answer was simple, “Punch my Opponent More than he Punches Me.”

When Roy Nelson and Frank Mir clash in the Co Main event of UFC 130, they will be determining who will step towards the UFC championship and who will find themself back at the bottom of the ladder.  Nelson who you wouldn’t miss in a lineup stands out because of his wonderful mullet and less than chiseled physique.

Roy is larger than life, both in character and in his physique.  You would be wrong howeve to make the assumption that he’s not in shape.  He has tremendous cardio and is extremely strong and heavy handed.  He’s not just a brawler; his true acclaim is on the mat, where his submissions and grappling prowess is widely respected.

He sports a very respectable 15-5 record and won the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights and earned a spot on the UFC roster by knocking out Brendan Schaub on the show’s finale.  In his last fight, he went the distance with Junior Dos Santos but took tremendous punishment in the fight.

He learned from the fight and made some changes to his game.  He said when asked about changing his gameplan, “Of course I have made some changes. I had my knee altered and upgraded…I hope and I definitely learned what is needed to beat a striker: to punch my opponent more than he punches me.”

That’s probably a good plan.  Mir and Nelson met way back in 2003 in a grappling exhibition and it was very competitive.  As a result, many reporters wonder if this will be a ground war Saturday night.  Most of the time when two guys with ground games meet they end up standing.  Another thing to note is they both train in Vegas, and are friendly with each another.  In regards to the fight, Nelson responded, “The one thing about fighting the former UFC champion Frank Mir is that you never know what to expect. So you have to be ready for everything.”

Revgear, one of the top brand names in all of MMA, is proud to sponsor an established contender like “Big Country.” With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Nelson is happy to express his thanks to his sponsor. “I want to say thank you to Revgear for sponsoring many fighters with their gear,” stated Nelson. “As for myself, I can’t wait to try their cedar chip bag deodorizer to see if it can get the stink out, and I can’t wait to get my hands on their grappling and throwing dummies.”

Roy Nelson is never one to miss an opportunity for a joke.  He understands how important sponsors are to fighters though and added, “Sponsors in MMA are important. They vary dramatically; some just advertise with you, and some actually support you through the good and the bad.”

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