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Roy Nelson and Dana White are Not Best Friends

UFC president Dana White and Roy Nelson butted heads numerous times in the past. However, that didn't stop White from casting Nelson as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

As you might have expected, White and Nelson didn't get along any better during filming than they did before. Nelson is slated to face fellow coach Shane Carwin later this year at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

"It hasn't been good. It's a nuisance. I don't know if it's good TV," said White, on his relationship with Nelson, during an interview with UFC Tonight. "At the end of the day, what people have to understand is it's not about good TV. 'The Ultimate Fighter' is about finding the best guys to bring to the UFC. We pick these coaches because we believe they have something to offer, not just in training, but in knowledge and experience."

White was asked if he regretted giving Nelson, a former winner himself of TUF, the coaching gig, saying, "Let's see how it ends. It ain't over yet. He's by far the toughest coach to deal with."

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