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Roy Hibbert Is Making History With How Terribly He Is Playing Right Now

The No. 1 seed Pacers are on the brink of playoff elimination right now, and All-Star center Roy Hibbert is playing no small role in his team’s demise.

Hibbert has been absolutely terrible in the postseason this year. In the Pacers’ five games, Hibbert is scoring a measly 4.8 points per game on 30% shooting. He’s averaging just 3.4 rebounds per game, and has registered three blocks in the entire series.

Hibbert’s performance is so bad that ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said Hibbert looks worse than Kwame Brown right now. Kwame Brown!

“Roy Hibbert has to go see a psychologist,” Smith said. “Something happened to him. He is 7’2,” doesn’t score a point, doesn’t grab a rebound. It makes no sense. I can’t explain it. Roy Hibbert looks worse than Kwame Brown.”

Hibbert is actually making history with how bad he is right now. ESPN published a chart today showing that Hibbert is having a worse postseason than any player in NBA history who was coming off an All-Star season.

He's winning this worst-of competition by a pretty wide margin, too. Hibbert has a .8 efficiency rating right now. His closest competition, Larry Costello, had a 5.3 efficiency rating back in 1965. Not good news if you're a Pacers fan. Or Larry Bird. Or poor Frank Vogel, who very well may lose his job if the Pacers lose tonight.

Check it out:

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