Roy Hibbert Is Even Being Mocked By Ex-Players Now

Roy Hibbert’s relatively respectable Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks was a fluke. The 7’2” shell of himself looked absolutely horrible again against the Wizards last night.

In just 18 minutes of action, Hibbert posted 0 points and 0 rebounds while committing five fouls. You and I truly did more to help the Pacers last night than Roy Hibbert.

As dismal as Hibbert’s attempts at scoring are, it’s his lack of rebounding that is really killing Indiana right now. The Pacers were outrebounded 53-36 by the Wizards last night, and Washington scored 19 second-chance points off of offensive rebounds.

A reportedly “fuming” Paul West pulled Hibbert aside after yesterday’s game and tried to figure out what in the world has happened to a guy who used to be one of the best centers in the NBA.

"He's got to be part of the fight," West told the media after the game. "He's got to be part of this thing for us to go anywhere."

West wasn’t the only person talking about Hibbert’s poor performance. Ex-NBA players Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas got in on the fun as well.

McGrady posted a tweet saying “Me and Roy Hibbert had the same amount of points and rebounds tonight.”

Then Arenas, the former Wizards gun-wielder, posted this picture after the first three quarters of the game:

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The best call out of the night, however, goes to this faux Jeopardy question Arenas posted:

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While no one knows exactly what's gone wrong with Hibbert, I'm starting to suspect these guys are to blame:


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