Round-by-Round Breakdown: Andy Lee vs. Brian Vera II

By Nick Tylwalk

The crowd is sparse at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, which is unfortunate because middleweight champion Sergio Martinez is in action, and he is one of the sport's most compelling stars. First, though, we've got Andy Lee attempting to avenge his lone career loss against Brian Vera.

Jim Lampley narrates the highlights from the first Lee-Vera fight, where Lee faded late and ended up getting stopped. Larry Merchant is also on hand, fresh off his much-publicized post-fight discussion/argument with Floyd Mayweather the last time he was on the air.

The tale of the tape shows that Lee is two years younger, taller and rangier. Both fighters weighed in at 163 pounds, but Vera is a few pounds heavier tonight. Emanuel Steward is Lee's trainer, so he'll join Lampley and Merchant for tonight's main event.

Lee is 26-1 with 19 KOs, and he's won 11 in a row since losing to Vera in 2008. Vera is 19-5 with 12 KOs but is only 3-4 in his last seven fights.

Michael Buffer handles the fighter introductions, and we are all set for a scheduled 10 rounds of middleweight action.

Round 1

Lee lands the first nice punch, a left to the head. Vera is having to lunge in with his jabs. Lee uses a right hook and some jabs to keep Vera off of him. Lee goes to the body with a left uppercut. There's a nice right hand by Vera that knocks Lee off balance for a second. Lee looks pretty sharp with right hooks, and he also connects with a straight left. Another left lands right on Vera's face.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 2

Vera is trying to force the issue but keeps walking into right hooks. He feints his way in to land a right. His corner wants more of that. Lee lands three shots in a row upstairs. A counter left also scores for Lee. Lampley says Vera absolutely needs to get inside. Vera gets in a right hand from very close range. Lee gets hit with another right. Vera grins as Lee touches him three times. Lee uses an uppercut to knock Vera to the side. A counter left puts Vera down right before the bell. He's up smiling, but he got caught there.

Tylwalk: 10-8 Lee

Round 3

Lost amidst the knockdown was the fact that Vera had a much better second round. He's out pressuring again. Lee goes downstairs with a mean left hand. Lee lands an uppercut but gets caught right back with a solid right hand. One-two by Lee wobbles Vera just a bit. Vera is forced to hold to catch a breather. Vera keeps stalking but is wide open for the right hook. Lee smokes a left to the body, then follows with an uppercut.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 4

Vera chases Lee around, but he has no answers to close the range right now. Lee's left hand has been very accurate. Both men land right hooks as they circle around. Vera tries to gain some confidence from his right hand. Vera has blood flowing from somewhere close to his left eye. Lee uses right hooks to keep the spacing to his liking. He also clinches when he needs it. Lee lands two two-punch combos on the inside in the closing seconds.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 5

Vera walks through some shots to throw his right hand. Lee uses the counter left effectively again. Vera keeps throwing but eats an uppercut. Lee connects with a left, and Vera spins all the way around while missing. Vera tries to make it a brawl along the ropes. Quick right hand on the inside by Lee. The right-left combination is available to Lee at almost any time.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 6

Does Vera have anything to offer except for scrambling to get inside? He does find a home for the right hand but can't follow up. Lee is staying very mobile and is able to land and move away. Vera takes three more shots before a clinch. Lee uses a sneaky right hook that almost knocks Vera down. Lee ducks and bobs along the ropes. Vera busts out some rare jabs. Lee just misses a big left as Vera keeps trying to advance.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 7

Harold Lederman also has it a shutout through six rounds. Replays show he could have been awarded a knockdown last round as Vera's glove touched the canvas. Straight left and counter right by Lee. Vera takes another flush left hand. He's very tough, no doubt about that. Vera lands a right hand upstairs. Lee lands a right hook but has to cover up as Vera swings away with both hands. Left hand by Lee and a clinch. Lee steps forward and scores with two more lefts. Better round for Vera, but not good enough.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 8

Lee goes back to his right hook, which has been money all night. Vera tries to rough Lee up on the inside. Lee hasn't thrown a ton of body punches, but he's landed some nice ones. One-two by Lee as a counter. Vera has some success with an uppercut and body shots in the corner. Lee moves the fight back into the middle of the ring. Left by Lee; right by Vera. Lee's punches are just that much sharper. Now they stand and trade along the ropes. Lee got the better of that.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 9

Lederman gave Round 8 to Vera. He's still very much forcing the issue. Neither man has as much starch on their punches at this point. Vera is flurryng but still taking flush single shots. Both men connect, and Vera grins. Vera takes an uppercut and tries to flurry again. Lee circles around in both directions. Right hooks land both ways. Vera takes a vicious left hand right before the bell but stays up.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Round 10

Lee peppers the right hooks and follows with a short left. Vera is chasing while Lee keeps moving. Here comes Vera with a flurr yot the body. Wild swings by Vera earn him a left to the face. Both men throw uppercuts in tight. They look tired with 90 seconds to go. The ref stays busy breaking up clinches. The crowd likes it when Lee lands the left uppercut. Both men swing to the final bell, but this should be a super wide decision for Lee.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Lee

Tylwalk: 100-89 Lee

The judges score it 98-91 and 99-90 twice, all to the winner by unanimous decision, "Irish" Andy Lee.

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