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Round-by-Round Analysis: Mike Alvarado vs. Breidis Prescott

By Nick Tylwalk

We move to the second televised undercard fight on the Pacquiao-Marquez III broadcast. Undefeated Mike Alvarado takes on Breidis Prescott, best known as the lone man to beat Amir Khan.

Alvarado comes to the ring by "I Get Around" by 2 Pac, an old school classic. He is 31-0 with 22 KOs. Prescott is 24-3 with 19 KOs, the most famous one coming in less than a round against Khan.

Michael Buffer introduces the boxers, setting the stage for a scheduled 10 rounds of junior welterweight action.

Round 1

The ref halts things almost immediately to fix one of Alvarado's gloves. Prescott looks bigger in the upper body. He lands an uppercut and some hooks. Alvarado tries to stay low while Prescott comes in. Prescott fires a hard jab and some serious power shots behind it. Alvarado is blocking a lot of these, but he hasn't landed much besides his jab. Prescott scores with his own jabs and tries the straight right. More hooks and jabs from Prescott.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Prescott

Round 2

Prescott keeps working, not leaving much room for Alvarado to get off his own shots. There's the first right hand from Alvarado. He's also dodging more punches as he circles around. Jabs and a right hand by Prescott. He also fires an uppercut through the guard. Prescott is also timing Alvarado well, firing right when Mike peeks out from his guard. They lean on each other and attempt uppercuts. Alvarado spins Prescott around and tries some combination punching.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Prescott 

Round 3

More jabs from Prescott. Alvarado just stays out of range as Prescott swings away. Nasty body work by Prescott with both hands. Alvarado sticks in some jabs as they circle. The HBO crew mentions that Khan is calling this fight on TV for the U.K. Alvarado has some success with jabs, but Prescott comes right back with a right set up by his jab. Alvarado rushes in and is just a hair off. Prescott is warned for low shots. Alvarado can't stop the repeated jabs. Both men wing away with uppercuts in the closing seconds.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Prescott

Round 4

CompuBox has Prescott throwing 40 jabs a round so far. Alvarado steps on the gas, chasing Prescott a bit. Breidis forces him back with multiple shots from both hands. Alvarado is bloody and Prescott is feeling it. Alvarado tries to punch his way out of trouble, but he's still missing something to go with his jab. There's a left hook for him, but Prescott keeps coming. Alvarado lands a right hand, and both fighters have to be pulled apart as they swing past the bell.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Prescott

Round 5

Alvarado's cut is above the left eye, plus he may be bleeding inside his mouth. He scores with a right hand early on. Prescott tries his uppercut, which has been a big weapon. They trade punches with both hands, and Alvarado lands a sharp left hook. Prescott dances without throwing. Breidis unloads body shots, and another one is low. Alvarado doubles his jab as he is now the one advancing. Repeated left hooks by Alvarado. Big swings from both fighters in the last 10 seconds.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Alvarado

Round 6

Harold Lederman has every round for Prescott so far. Alvarado opens his account with a right hand. Prescott stays active with his jab. He lands a combination at close range. Alvarado smokes home a right hand, but Prescott fires right back. An exchange of uppercuts favors Prescott. Good heart shown by both guys as they trade while leaning in. Powerful hooks and uppercuts in both directions. Alvarado is bloody all over his face for the second or third time.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Prescott

Round 7

Alvarado lands a left hook, but the ref sends him to the corner for tape repair work. Prescott moves around while pumping jabs. Alvarado connects with his. Alvarado lands a hard right hand. He can score with that more often now. Prescott tries letting his hands go, but Alvarado sticks in his uppercut. Alvarado corners Prescott and they lean on each other again. Nice right by Prescott. The ref has to pull them back apart. Alvarado's left eye is swelling, and Prescott may also be cut.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Alvarado

Round 8

Alvarado walks through some pucnhes to land his own. He reaches with his jab and gets off first. Prescott tries the body but it's not enough to dissuade Alvarado. They stand and trade from very close range. Here come the uppercuts and hooks again. Alvarado's shots just look a little cleaner and more powerful. Jim Lampley just mentioned that younger fans may not understand what a "fight in a phone booth" would mean. Last power shot is landed by Alvarado.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Alvarado

Round 9

A little more movement from both guys. Alvarado dodges as Prescott swings for the fences. Now Prescott does his own evading. Breidis reaches for a right hand. Body-head combo by Prescott. Jabs and a right hand by Alvarado. Jabs both ways as they fight from a distance. Alvarado switches southpaw for just a few seconds and it doesn't do much. Prescott stays busy to the bell, probably enough to squeak out that round.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Prescott

Round 10

Whatever the official scores, you'd think Alvarado needs to let it all hang out here. He is coming forward but Prescott is still throwing. They wrestle to the ropes and Prescott escapes. Both fighters land hard shots, with Alvarado scoring two nasty right hands. Can he hit the late home run? He finds the mark with a vicious uppercut, and Prescott goes down. He beats the count, but Alvarado is pouring it on. Alvarado rips uppercuts, and the ref calls a stop to it. Drama in the 10th round as Alvarado wins by stoppage!

The HBO crew praises the stoppage as Prescott appeared to be out on his feet.

The winner by TKO at 1:53 of Round 10, "Mile High" Mike Alvarado.

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