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NBA Reaction: Clippers, Cavs Swap Baron Davis for Mo Williams

Imagine for a moment the 2011-2012 Cleveland Cavaliers with Kyrie Irving and Perry Jones. Or how about Kemba Walker and Jared Sullinger? Ok, so neither of these scenarios compare to LeBron James and anyone but the possibilities are certainly intriguing now that the Cavs have two shots at the top pick in this years NBA draft.

The Cavs have reportedly sent point guard Mo Williams and forward Jamario Moon to the Los Angeles Clippers for fellow point guard Baron Davis and an unprotected 2011 first round pick. Both of the highlight players in this deal have two years remaining on their contracts with Davis earning $13 million this year and over $28 million in the final two years of his deal. While this trade is certainly one bad contract for another, the first round pick alone makes this a big win for the Cavs.

Additionally, Byron Scott gets another shot to coach a player in Davis who has always been a strong player when motivated. Maybe it is just the change that has me excited but Mo Williams playoff struggles, injuries and public outcries on twitter have become very old by now. From Mo’s perspective, he also gets a fresh start with young big in Blake Griffin with Hall of Fame potential and taste of the bright lights of L.A.

For fans of revisionist history, the Cavs infamous victory over the Clippers to end the 26-game losing streak now has a double meaning. We can now look back at that fateful night as both a victory for Cleveland and an opportunity to add another ping pong ball to the hopper. Sad but funny right? For those interested in further irony, the Clips face the Lakers on Friday, the other team the Cavs have beaten in this decade. They also face the reigning Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celtics the following night so this week could add two more L’s to the Cavs newest cause!

LandLoyalty will have plenty more on this dead that also includes part of the Cavs $14 million dollar trade exception obtained from the trade wit Miami for the son of Gloria.

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