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Derrick Rose Pulls Himself Out Of Bulls - Nuggets Game

Derrick Rose played 10 minutes and scored two points in the Chicago Bulls 114-109 loss to the Denver Nuggets, before sitting out the second half with “left hamstring tightness.”

Head coach Tom Thibodeau made it clear that there was no injury or setback to Rose’s previous injuries.

“It was really nothing that happened,” Thibodeau said after the game. “Other than I didn’t want to take any chances with him. The way the game was going, the way we were going, I just felt at that point I wanted to go a different way. He’s didn’t reinjure himself or anything like that. I just didn’t want to take a chance. “

Rose has missed most of the last two years with two knee injuries and has already missed eight games this year with some ankle issues.

The Bulls were on the back end of back-to-back games. Rose returned to the lineup Monday against the Utah Jazz where he scored 18 points in 25 minutes. He didn’t look as comfortable Tuesday night.

According to Rose, Thibodeau approached him at halftime to talk about what he thought was best for him and the team.

"It wasn't nothing like I'm limping or I pulled it or anything, it wasn't any of that," Rose said. "It was just that I wasn't moving the way I wanted to while I was on the floor. So why push through it when I wasn't able to affect the game the way I wanted to? I came in here and talked to (Thibodeau) and we both agreed on just sitting out."  

Rose and the Bulls now have a few days off before their next game. Thibodeau said he is hopeful Rose will be ready to go for that game against the Boston Celtics Friday night.

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