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Rory MacDonald is Willing to Fight People on Short Notice

Rory MacDonald is tired of hearing about fighters turn down bouts, claiming not enough time to train. MacDonald, who is set to face BJ Penn in December at UFC On Fox: Henderson Vs. Diaz, told that he will accept short notice fights in 2013.

"I like to fight and I want to make it a point next year to take fights on shorter notice," MacDonald said. "It just works better for me and my mind set. I feel like lately, I've been trying to do what everyone else does and I'm not everybody else."

MacDonald's comments follow up his remarks last month where he claimed he would start training how he wants to. Taking fights on short notice would appear to be another part of the change for the young Canadian.

"Some people need eight weeks to get ready for a fight and I really don't think I do because of the way I look at my skills," MacDonald said. "I just need to be healthy. As long as I'm healthy, I can fight at the drop of a pin."

MacDonald suffered a deep cut in training that forced the postponement of the Penn bout for last month.

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