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Rory MacDonald Responds to B.J. Penn's Trash Talk

After it was announced that Rory MacDonald (13-1) had to withdraw from his fight against B.J. Penn (16-8-2) due to a cut on his head sustained in training camp, Penn took exception to the timetable for when the fight may happen.

In a tweet sent directly to MacDonald on August 5 Penn said, "with all due respect you challenged me to come out of retirement and I accepted. Then, you back out of the fight! Now you want to put our fight off for two-more-months, but this fight should happen as soon as the cut heals. 10-weeks from now is plenty of time. Let's fight on Oct. 13th, that's more than reasonable."

MacDonald sees the comment as Penn just hyping the fight.

"What I don't get about him is how he can tell me what's fair and not when he doesn't know about the situation," said MacDonald. "He's making this statement online, getting all his followers excited. He should just keep it professional and go through my manager and hear what I have to say."

It will take four to six weeks until MacDonald can start training again and looks to return in November at the earliest.

"Hopefully B.J. will take the fight again in November," said MacDonald. "This was probably the most motivated I've ever been for a fight. I'm so hungry for this fight. I'm very motivated to show a side I haven't before."

MacDonald said this has nothing to this with allegations that he may be on illegal substances.

The fight was set for UFC 152 and it remains unclear when, or if, it will be rescheduled.

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