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Rory MacDonald Might be on the Verge of Making a Big Change

Rory MacDonald suffered a deep cut during a sparring session just weeks from facing former UFC champion BJ Penn. Now, as he continues to heal up, it seems MacDonald might be having second thoughts about remaining a member of the Tristar Gym in Canada.

"I'll still be training at Tristar," said MacDonald, during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight. "But I have to do things my way. At the end of the day, I'm the one getting in the cage and taking the risk, and I'm the one making the final call."

MacDonald will now meet Penn as part of the UFC On Fox: Henderson Vs. Diaz event in December. It will be the toughest foe to date for MacDonald, as Penn returns from a year-long retirement.

The two are also planning on taking part in a voluntary drug testing program, as MacDonald added "it starts eight weeks out." Penn is making it a priority to try and help clean up the sport from the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

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