2011 NFL Draft: Mark Herzlich is a Special Kind of Athlete


Mark Herzlich’s unfortunate illness and road to recovery has been well documented. If you were a big college football fan, you’ve known who he was for years. If you were a Boston College Eagles football fan, three years ago you were hoping he wouldn’t leave early for the NFL.  And after since October 3, 2009 when ESPN did a special segment on him, he became a household name to all of us.

Herzlich’s recovery included chemotherapy treatment and the insertion of a steel rod to replace and reinforce the cancerous bone the surgeons worked on when they removed the tumor. Unbelievably, he went on to start all 13 games for the 2010 Eagles.

Mark Herzlich went undrafted in the 2011 NFL Draft, something that has to be simply devastating to a young man who before his illness was expected to be a consensus high first round pick.

“I am very disappointed,’’told the Boston Globe last night after a long day of waiting. “And got more frustrated as the day went on.

“I guess people are saying I can’t play football anymore,’’ said Herzlich, already preparing himself for his next battle. “Well I have heard that before and look what happened.’’

Mark, you’ve got a nation behind you rooting for you. Don’t give up, you’ll get your chance.

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