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Rony Mariano Bezerra Opens Up About His Family

Rony Mariano Bezerra (11-3) fights not only to be a champion, but to show support for his family.

"I'm here representing my city, Quixadá, in the state of Ceará," said Bezerra "I'm going to keep my promise. I will be a UFC champion. I have never been afraid of competition. I'm afraid of my own incompetence. If I'm competent, there'll be no competition that can stop me."

Bezerra noted that his family plays an important role in his life and he fights for them.

"I know what it means to be around drugs," said Bezerra. "I have a brother who has problems with drugs. A couple of days before the qualifying fight my mom called and said he had a relapse and he was missing. His struggles are worse than mine. He fights every day. But I'll show him that if I can defeat my opponent, he can too. He's my hero. Real life heroes have weaknesses. My brother is my hero and I fight to show him that. My mom is my life. She's a hell of a woman. She doesn't let anything bring her down. She practically supports my brother on her own. She supports the whole family."

To earn his spot on the roster, Bezerra won the featherweight division on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil where he defeated Godofredo Pepey (8-1) in the finals that aired on UFC 147.

The Brazilian, Bezerra, makes his second performance inside the Octagon against Sam Sicilia (11-1) at UFC 153 on October 13.

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