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NBA: Celtics Rondo Out for a Few Weeks

The Boston Celtics are off to a pretty slow start to the 2010-11 season after making it to Game 7 of the NBA Finals. After 25 games, the Celtics have lost a total of four of them. Not the kind of hot start they were looking for.

And things just got a little worse for a team whose playoff chances are getting dimmer and dimmer by the second. It was an ugly scene last night against the New York Knicks as Rajon Rondo had to literally be carried off of the court. According to Chris Mannix of, Rondo is expected to miss a few weeks with a busted ankle.

“Celtics GM Danny Ainge tells WEEI that Rajon Rondo will miss “a couple of weeks” with an ankle injury. Rondo on crutches after Knicks game,” Mannix tweets.

Photo Caption:Jodie Meeks tries to touch the orange ball so that he can get his finances in order.

This is great news, because when we first saw the injury, we considered it life-threatening before knowing any details.

With Rondo out, the chances of the Celtics losing a fifth game because more and more likely. And that shadow in their rear-view mirror they see is called Mrs. Playoffs.


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