Ronda Rousey shook the MMA world once again with a dominating performance against Sarah Kaufman, submitting the prolific striker with yet another armbar in just 54 seconds of the first round.

Not surprisingly, the rising star already has her sights set on bigger things.

"First of all, I need to send out a challenge to Miss Cyroid out there," Rousey remarked, referring to Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos' recent failed drug test. "People want to see you have the first fair fight of your life. I'm the champ now. The champ doesn't go to you. You go to the champ. Come down to 135 and let's settle this."

During the match, Kaufman had little opportunity to showcase her stand up game as Rousey wasted no time taking her opponent to the ground. Once on the mat, the former Olympian showcased her Judo prowess by catching the Canadian in her trademark submission.

When asked about the signature move, Rousey responded, "If you're mom woke you up in the morning jumping on top of you and being like 'always be ready. armbar now!' that's kind of like how it gets engrained in your brain. She would wake me up from sleep to do armbars."

Rousey is clearly on another level in terms of her grappling skills as she appears untouchable at 6-0 in her young MMA career. What makes her so unbelievable is her ability to finish. Rousey consistently anticipates her opponent's next move, adjusting for their defense before it even happens. While Kaufman exerted a lot of force trying to escape the hold, Rousey was easily one step ahead yet again.

After the callout, it appears Rousey has her eyes set on "Cyborg", whose suspension ends January 2013. But the matchup will not be that easy to arrange as the former Strikeforce Champion has said she will only fight Rousey at 145 or 140 creating yet another layer of complexity.

Whatever the case may be, Rousey has proven herself worthy of the hype while Kaufman suffers the second loss of her career, falling to 15-2.

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