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Ronda Rousey Thinks Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video is “Interesting”

Ronda Rousey will become the first women's champion to ever headline a UFC event a little more than a month from today. In front of what promises to be a jam-packed Honda Center audience, the bantamweight champ will take on Liz Carmouche for her first title defense as a member of the UFC roster.

A lot of people have questioned the logic behind Rousey headlining an event that features Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida fighting for maybe a shot at the light heavyweight title; however, Dana White has consistently ignored that criticism. According to him, Rousey’s status as champion and her general mainstream, TMZ-esque appeal makes her the ideal person to sit atop UFC 157's fight card.

Her mainstream appeal will be tested in the coming days.

A few hours ago, Rousey tweeted this Sandy Hook conspiracy theory video from her verified account:

Extremely interesting must watch video…

— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) January 15, 2013

She then confirmed that she was aware of what the video featured when she sent out these tweets:

“@sebas747_: @rondarousey wow respect for posting this Ronda! Prepare yourself for some gnarly tweeets.” Criticism is always expected ;)

— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) January 15, 2013

@tonysoprano0316 I just said it was interesting, don't know what I believe yet, but yes, mainstream media isn't the only way to get info

— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) January 15, 2013

Let’s put aside the inevitable political/social debate that Rousey will spark. Everyone has their own take on it, and frankly, I don’t have the energy for that fight. The really puzzling thing here isn’t the substance of the video, it's Rousey so willingly publishing it for her 162K followers to see. A month before she is due to headline a major event, no less.

It is one of the biggest UFC PR blunders in recent memory.

Dana White was scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday in Los Angeles. It’s probably a safe bet that he hasn’t seen or heard about Rousey’s tweet yet. Let's see what he has to say about his big mainstream star potentially alienating a bunch of fans this close to UFC 157.

Update: She has deleted the tweet.

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