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Ronda Rousey, Gilbert Melendez, Luke Rockhold All Have Special Deals with Strikeforce, Showtime

According to an interview Wrestling Observer reporter Dave Meltzer gave to recently, Strikeforce fighters Ronda Rousey, Gilbert Melendez and Luke Rockhold all have contracts tying them to the promotion. The deals were secured by Showtime when they worked out a new television contract recently with the fight promotion.

Meltzer said that the deals would keep the fighters on the list from signing with the UFC even if their contracts with Strikeforce expired. The only way they could go to the UFC is if Showtime were to stop televising MMA.

"They made this list of guys and they said 'these are our guys' and, even if their contract expires, they can't move to UFC," Meltzer said. "That's part of their deal with keeping this alive."

Nothing has been confirmed by the fighters, Strikeforce, Showtime or the UFC on this matter. Meltzer, himself, has come under fire by UFC president Dana White several times on his reporting.

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