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Rolando McClain Arrested for Signature

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain is no stranger to doing dumb things, but this week he managed to take the general idea of doing dumb things to a whole new level.

You will recall, in May of last year, this model citizen was sentenced to six months in jail after being convicted of assaulting some associate of his. The case ultimately got dismissed on appeal after said associate dropped the charges, but that didn’t exactly erase it from society’s collective memory.

This week McClain decided to add to his already impressive résumé by getting arrested for signing a tinted window violation ticket with the expletive “f**k ya’ll.” That’s right, in that little space reserved for people’s names on a ticket, he opted to write “f**k ya’ll.” Understandably, the officers present weren’t especially impressed by that and decided to arrest him for giving a false name.

According to USA Today, this is exactly what led up to the arrest:

  • When asked by an officer to sign the ticket again, McClain said, "That is my name."
  • He produced a letter from a doctor as a defense of the tint. It said he had "photosensitivity and needed maximum ultraviolet radiation protection to include window tinting." Police said it was invalid because it wasn't written on a prescription form.
  • McClain refused to speak to a supervising officer because he wasn't the one who pulled him over.
  • Said "you know who I am" instead of giving his license or insurance information. (He was right; the officer apparently recognized him.)
  • From The Decatur Daily: "Asked if he believes police are out to get him, McClain said, 'Yes. You said it. I answered it.'"

McClain was eventually released on $1,000 cash bail.

It’s hard to say whether McClain is the dumbest athlete ever or not, but he’s definitely an early frontrunner for dumbest of 2013.

(Kudos USA Today)

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