Roger Gracie vs. Keith Jardine: Round-by-Round Review

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We've got another middleweight contest up next, as Roger Gracie (4-1) debuts at the weight division against former UFC fighter Keith Jardine (17-10-2). The referee will be Shawn Gregory.

Round 1: Gracie is a huge-looking middleweight. Jardine still using his funky approach, throwing strikes from all different angles to start. Jardine comes in, and Gracie catches him and takes him to the ground. Gracie now in his best position, holding Jardine down and looking to go to work. Jardine fighting off Gracie very well, but Gracie remains sound in his attack, not rushing anything. Gracie starts to grab the head, as Jardine works his way back to the fence. Gracie with a knee to the body, and Gracie takes him back to the canvas. Gracie traps Jardine's right arm and unloads with several punches to the face. Gracie into the full-mount position, locking up Jardine's legs as we go under a minute. Gracie drags him closer to the middle of the cage, landing elbows to the face. Jardine busted open, Gracie goes for a top triangle but is unable to get it as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gracie

Round 2: Gracie outlanded Jardine 23-3 in strikes during the first round, and starts right off with a front-kick to begin this round. Jardine comes in with big lefts and rights, but Gracie takes Jardine down and begins trapping the arm again. Jardine gets the arm out, but is back on the canvas with Gracie going to work. Gracie takes the back and looks to lock in a rear-naked choke. One leg hook in for Gracie as he pushes Jardine's hands away. Another hook in, but Gracie loses the choke as Jardine turns into him. Gracie locks in a body triangle and goes back to work on the neck, as blood pours from the face of Jardine. Gracie rolls to his own back, trying to secure the choke with the body triangle still locked in. Jardine breathing heavy, trying to fight this choke attempt off. Jardine's face is a crimson mess. Gracie going for an arm triangle, but Jardine slips out, likely thanks to the amount of blood. Gracie finds himself on top position as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Gracie

Round 3: Another front-kick to start the round courtesy of Gracie. Jardine gets away from Gracie's attempt at a takedown. Gracie seems content to way for Jardine to come in and try to take this to the mat again. Jab by Gracie, as Jardine lands a big left that flinches Gracie. Jardine with another strike, and Gracie shoots in, grabbing hold of Jardine as Jardine escapes his grasp. Jardine with a big uppercut attempt that misses. Under two minutes to go as Jardine comes in again. Jardine fires a big right, but Gracie grabs him and lands a knee to the body. Jardine trying to taunt Gracie into coming and and getting caught with a minute to go. Gracie with a nice jab, followed by a kick to the body. Jardine misses with a 1-2 combo, and Gracie keeps him back with his front-kick.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gracie

Roger Gracie def. Keith Jardine via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 30-26)

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