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A-Rod’s Return: Yankees Won’t Get Alex Rodriguez Back Until After All-Star Break

Whether the New York Yankees like it or not, they still owe Alex Rodriguez $114 million. And because they still owe him such a ridiculous sum of money as part of his 10-year, $275 million deal, his ability to actually play baseball is sort of important.

The last time we saw Rodriguez, Yankees manager Joe Girardi was doing everything humanly possible to not play his extremely expensive third baseman. He ultimately benched A-Rod in three of nine postseason games – culminating in the superstar batting a whopping .120 during his team's relatively brief playoff run.

It later came out that hip problems may have slowed Rodriguez down and contributed to pitiful performance late in the year. Needless to say, that and him having surgery to repair that hip problem didn’t silence the legion of A-Rod detractors that currently exists in New York.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez’s surgeon spoke out regarding what the timetable for his guy’s return was and the severity of the injury.

"It would be great if he returns faster. Possible that it would take longer," Dr. Bryan Kelly of the Hospital for Special Surgery said (via USA Today).

"Can I give you a percentage chance as to whether or not he's going to be closer to the 15-year-old or the 60-year old?" Kelly said during a 40-minute conference call. "The imaging studies show that he has some cartilage wear that makes me think that we will get him back to his pre-injury level of play, that it's not so extensive that it will ultimately impact his ability to play. But unfortunately our imaging doesn't give us all the information, and that is something that we're going to know at the time of surgery or after the time of surgery, during that investigative portion of the procedure."

One interesting note:

"This is a developmental, genetic predisposition to a certain shape of the hip joint that occurs during the first 15 years of development," Kelly said. "Steroids don't change the shape of your bones, of your hip joint.

Rodriguez previously admitted to using steroids for two years while a member of the Texas Rangers.

Whether the Yankees like it or not, they’re stuck with A-Rod. Nobody is going to absorb his ridiculous contract without a guarantee that they won’t have to pay a sizable chunk of it, and if the Yankees are eating the contract anyway, they will probably just opt to keep the hobbled 37-year-old around.

(Kudos USA Today)

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