Rockhold, Faber, Struve Make Their Griffin vs. Ortiz Predictions

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Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz will face off for the third time at UFC 148 this July, with Ortiz set to retire after the fight regardless of the outcome. MMA:30 recently polled several of their pro-fighter peers to see how they pegged the rubber match turning out.

Check out what some of them had to say below, and watch the video to hear more from the likes of Dan Hardy, Bigfoot Silva and Tim Kennedy.

Luke Rockhold: "I think it'll go similar to the last fight. I think Tito will come on strong early, try to get his takedowns and I think Forrest will weather that and use his range and let his boxing go. And I just don't think Tito will have enough. I think Forrest lets it go better and Tito kinda locks up as the fight tends to go on. That's why I see Forrest taking that fight, probably a unanimous decision."

Urijah Faber: "The Tito-Forrest match up is pretty interesting I think. The most interesting part about this is they're both veterans. Tito is a serious veteran, one of the longest-standing UFC fighters in the sport. I think he's had the most UFC bouts. Forrest has had a lot of battles; I think Tito's done a good job of not getting his head bashed in and Forrest kind of invites that. So, they're both probably about the same when it comes to years as a combatant, damage to the body and stuff like that. Tito's gonna be super motivated, this is his last fight -- his last fight. He's an emotional guy and he's still a threat, but Forrest is also kind of in the same boat. … It's gonna be a great fight, I think Tito might be able to pull it off."

Stefan Struve: "That's fun, man. Good for Tito that he got that fight as his farewell fight in Vegas. It's gonna be fun, man. Those guys always come to fight. It's gonna be exciting."

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