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NBA Analysis: Rockets to Get Terrence Williams for 1st Round Pick

According to @WojYahooNBA:

“Nets, Lakers, Rockets are in advanced talks on 3-way deal sending T. WIlliams to HOU, S. Vujacic and a future HOU 1st to NJ, sources tell Y!”

Houston loads up with more young guns at the expense of a 2012 first round pick.  Terrence Williams was drafted by New Jersey in 2009 with the 11th overall pick.  This season Williams, or “T-Will” as he is sometimes known, was sent down to the D-League in what can be explained as a time out from the Nets higher ups.  While a potential attitude readjustment may be in order, Williams simply oozes potential.  He’s a taller, faster, stronger Jermaine Taylor who can go off for 20 or more points any given night.  He plays the small forward position and in a couple of months may be starting for Houston at the 3.  The deal won’t go through until Wednesday when Nets center Joe Smith can be traded to the Lakers.

This move gives us a play maker and defensive stud to back up or replace Battier while Budinger is slumping.  Williams is young and raw but he can do it all.  One of the negatives involved in taking on Williams is he hasn’t found his offensive niche and sometimes looks like a bit of a ball hog from time to time.  On the other hand, Terrence is an athletic specimen with great handles and given the proper development could easily become a perennial all-star.  Maybe I’m ahead of myself on this one, but I think Terrence Williams is worth a first round pic any day of the week.

This deal is final but there are some other minor details that have yet to leak out.  Perhaps in order to make room for Terrence (who can also play shooting guard) Houston might ship out Jermaine who still hasn’t found his place on this team.  I could certainly seeing it happen as Terrence is equatable to a more dominant and smarter JT.

Update from @Jonathan_Feigen:

Pick Rockets sending NJ is lottery protected. Rockets working on another deal to move Jermaine Taylor to create room for Terrence Williams.

Good to hear we won’t be giving up a lottery pick in 2012!

Another update from @STEIN_LINE_HQ:

To make room for Terrence Williams’ arrival in three-way w/Lakers and Nets, Houston to deal Jermaine Taylor to SAC for future second-rounder

It’s been fun Jermaine.


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