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Houston Rockets' Zero Depth is Fantasy Nightmare

The Oklahoma City Thunder boast Kevin Durant as their nightly fantasy star. The Nuggets depend on Carmelo Anthony’s usual robust stat line.

Even the Lakers, who are full of talent, need Kobe to fill up the box score whenever they take the court. Any of these three fantasy studs have proven that they are more than capable of dropping a triple double on any given night. As a result, they should be among the first players chosen in most fantasy drafts in the upcoming months. Yet, it will probably be long after these players have been taken before the first Houston Rocket is selected.

The Rockets have a slew of players who post solid numbers on a nightly basis, but lack a superstar talent such as LeBron James. On any given night there are a handful of candidates capable of leading the team in scoring. This versatile style of play makes the Rockets difficult to match-up against on a nightly basis, but it also leaves the Rockets with no viable fantasy studs. Against certain opponents Scola is the primary contributor, but Martin or Brooks are just as likely to lead the team against other match-ups. And if Yao returns to full strength this year then it may complicate the situation further. So who should be the first Houston Rocket selected and what round will allow for the best value?


Aaron Brooks – The reigning Most Improved Player and last year’s league leader in three point field goals provides a lot of upside. Brooks is entering his second full season as the Rockets starting point guard and will have a chance to play a full season alongside wingman Kevin Martin.Also, if Yao is able to play up to his potential than it should mean more opportunities for easy assists under the basket. He may not drop as many points as Martin this season but he has more value because of his advantage in assists.

Kevin Martin- K-Mart didn’t disappoint in his first stint with the Rockets last season, but there is still room for improvement. He is a bit undersized for a two guard but his superior shooting abilities make him an interesting fantasy option. He is a lock to provide plenty of three pointers and a high shooting percentage. Martin is also entering his first full season in Houston should see an improvement from last year’s numbers. The downside is that he doesn’t add much when it comes to steals or assists.

Luis Scola – The best bet of all the Rockets to put up double-double numbers. Last year, Scola averaged 16.2 PPG and 8.2 Reb, but it was his month of March that has fantasy owners excited. During a sixteen game stretch Scola averaged over twenty points and ten boards a night, which also included a 44 point 12 rebound breakout against the Nets. He was the only consistent low post scoring option and if Yao is unable to go he may be asked to do just as much this season.

Yao Ming – Fantasy owners should approach Yao with extra caution this season. Not only is Yao injury prone but also because he hasn’t played any meaningful basketball in over a year. It also doesn’t help that the Rockets are planning on limiting his minutes this season in an attempt to avoid sustaining another injury. He can still be a solid contributor but don’t expect him to be dropping twenty points and pulling down ten rebounds a night like he used to.

The Verdict

Aaron Brooks is the best all around fantasy option for the Rockets but you will likely have to use a third or fourth round pick to secure him. On the other hand Scola and Martin are also very serviceable players who are likely to be around a few rounds later, which means better value. If your looking to find a Rocket for your fantasy draft this season then these three guys are your best bet.


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