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NBA Analysis: Rockets Continue to Improve vs. Pistons

Houston Rockets 97 Detroit Pistons 83

Player of the Game: Kyle Lowry- 22 points, 12 assist and an impressive 4-6 behind the three point line-  Kyle seemed to have it going from all angles tonight. His execution in the fourth quarter was very impressive, especially in the final 6 minutes. He seemed very confident in setting up the offense. He drew the defense in and got Luis open for some jump shots and also found Battier on a sweet backdoor cut which lead to an easy layup.  On a night where Scola goes for 35 points and 12 rebounds, I decided not to write about him back to back games and give the MVP to someone else.

Play Of The Game:  At first, I wanted to write about the Kevin Martin steal and save to Lowry which lead to a Scola dunk, but then I remembered that Kevin Martin had a legit drive and dunk tonight. He made a quick move past Stuckey, took a bump and finished at the rim with both hands. It was nice to see Martin go for the dunk, instead of trying to create a foul after contact.

My Thoughts: Really good defensive game for the Rockets. This was the first time this season we held an opponent to less than 90 points. It was against the Pistons, who mostly just shoot the ball and are missing some key players. Still, I thought the Rockets did good things defensively that we haven’t seen a lot of this season. In Chicago we seemed to play poor defense coming out of timeouts. I thought our coaching staff tonight had some nice schemes on inbound plays that really helped disrupt the Pistons’ play call.

When I checked the box score after the game, I was shocked to see Martin with 21 points on only 3-8 shooting from the field. Only taking three shots and scoring 21 points is really amazing. He only took one three pointer and he was a solid 13-14 from the free throw line. The rest of the Rockets’ offense was based around Scola’s jumper, or as he would say, “shumper.” You have to love the way Luis Scola has been playing this year. He is the heart of this team and brings it every night. Our offense is looking better now and so is our schedule. Having some days off occasionally with the ability to practice really makes a difference. I thought we saw the difference that a full team practice makes tonight.

T-MAC – 11 points on 3-6 shooting with 3 assist. I would hate on T-mac a bunch last year, but I can honestly say I did not enjoy our fans boo-ing him tonight. I thought he played better than what we have seen him play in a long time, but I also think that his motivation was to beat the Houston crowd. I don’t see him playing with this kind of passion(if you can even call it that) in the future, but I think we can all say we had tiny flashbacks tonight. When we had a giant lead in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, I started daydreaming about McGrady going off and pulling something similar to his 13 points in 33 seconds display. 

Random Thoughts

 I can not boo McGrady but I definately will not cheer for McGrady.

Shane totally pushed McGrady off for his And-1, but it is his own fault for not attempting to play defense.

Rip Hamilton lost his cool and any chance of winning the game for the Pistons when he was ejected 

Ben Gordon looks scary with that beard.

I did not think it was that big of a deal when T-Mac leveled Lowry with his elbow at mid-court. They smacked butts shortly after the free throws.


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