Robyn Ereth, the Woman Who Stole Donald Driver’s Cleat From a Little Boy, Says She’s Sorry

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The woman who rose to national prominence on Monday for stealing Donald Driver’s cleat from a little boy at a charity softball game has officially apologized for her actions.

Robyn Ereth, also known as the lady who did the stealing, wrote in to the Post-Crescent of Appleton on Monday afternoon and offered what was probably a heartfelt apology for how things went down this weekend. While it’s impossible to determine a person’s tone via statement, presumably she was a bit more conciliatory while writing it than she was in that picture that she posted on her Facebook where she was grinning from ear to ear.

As noted by Kyle Daly: “I recognize that by saying I’m deeply sorry, it may not be enough and sufficient to address the disappointment of this young man on Sunday. I am a huge fan of the Packers and the Timber Rattlers and just overreacted in the excitement of the moment. Therefore, I want to apologize for my actions, and I am trying to locate this fan to provide him the shoe and a person-to-person apology.”

For those who may have missed yesterday’s brouhaha (by the way, if you were an Opposing Views newsletter subscriber, you wouldn’t have missed it), here is the event that caused this little situation (via Deadspin):

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And the full video (via Journal Sentinel):

At the end of the day, it was a shady incident, but you have to give Ereth props for apologizing. Really, there is nothing more you can expect from a person under these circumstances.

Still, it’d be nice if folks behaved the right way before the entire world came down on them for their horrible deeds, not after.

Update:And here is her awful excuse.

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