Robyn Ereth, the Lady Who Stole Donald Driver’s Cleat From a Little Boy, Offers a Terrible Excuse

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Robyn Ereth is officially on her 14th minute of fame.

Over the past few days, Ereth has been the subject of national ridicule after video of her stealing a souvenir from a young boy at a charity softball game hit the web.

Unlike in the surprisingly polarizing case of that horrible Texas Rangers couple, there were no debates about whether or not Ereth’s deed was bad. We know that it was. You know that it was. And, deep down, even she knows that it was.

Once video of what transpired went viral, an apology was inevitable. And, as reported by Appleton Post-Crescent, the inevitable apology has officially been delivered. Per the report:

Mary Wagner of Ripon said she spoke with Neshkoro resident Robyn Ereth before passing the phone to her son, 12-year-old Stephen.

“I just shared with her that there’s no anger, there’s no bitterness or anything toward her,” Wagner said.

So there you go. End of story, right? Not exactly. In that same report, the youngster’s mother also passed along the rationale that Ereth offered for doing what she did:

Wagner said during the phone call, Ereth offered her version of events.

“I think she just generally felt like Donald had seen the mirrorball replica that she had had and was responding to that by throwing the cleat to her,” she said.

Well, that’s great. It makes perfect sense that Ereth would assume that Driver had in fact tossed the souvenir to her, and not the youngster. What it doesn’t clarify, however, is why the hell she would wrestle it away from a little kid even if she did think it was meant for her.

Wouldn’t this be one of those times when you apply a bit of I’m-an-adult-and-he’s-a-little-kid logic?

How thinking that it was meant for you justifies doing this is beyond us (via Deadspin):

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And the full video (via Journal Sentinel):

Anyway, whatever. Ereth did what she did. She half-apologized. Time to move on.

(Kudos Appleton Post-Crescent, Journal Sentinel, Deadspin)

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