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Robinson Cano is a U.S. Citizen Now

Robinson Cano became a U.S. citizen this week. The 30-year-old second baseman, who grew up in the Dominican Republic but lived in New Jersey during his middle school years tweeted, “Very proud day for me, I just became a US citizen, God bless America!”

While yesterday may have been a great day for Robbie and his family, if he’s on your Fantasy Baseball team you may want to consider trading the slugging second baseman. Seriously, while the New York Yankees are considering making Cano a Bomber for life, you may want to be testing the Hot Stove trade market. Why you ask?

If you recall, in 2008 after five monster years in a row, Dominican native David Ortiz became a U.S. citizen and hasn’t had a monster season since. Don’t believe me, look for yourself… Then the following year near the conclusion of the 2009 MLB season, then fellow Red Sox teammate Jason Bay, a Canadian native, gain citizenship, signed with the Mets and wala, he sucked!

Could it be that there is added pressure once you become a U.S. Citizen? Are the two instances merely coincidental? I don’t know but you may be able to trade him for a king’s ransom and let someone else find out…

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