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Robin Yount Accidentally Shot Cubs' Dale Sveum While Hunting

Growing up I was never one of those people who made a big stink about gun control, partly because it never affected me directly either way. I wasn’t pro or con on the issue, I just thought it was sad when mishaps happened and innocent people became victims. Then when I became an adult, a family friend who was a police officer lost his life on the job. If that wasn’t bad enough, that was followed by a buddy I grew up with, also a police officer, who was shot in the line of duty just a few months later. Thankfully the bullet passed through his body hitting nothing vital and he was/is fine.

Last week’s Jovan Belcher incident caused Bob Costas to speak out on the issue of guns. There are many who thought Costas shouldn’t have been able to use the forum he has to say what he did. To that I say, what’s more offensive to you, someone speaking out against people having the right to potentially shoot one another or someone actually losing their life as a result of the existence of guns?

Today at the MLB Winter Meetings we find out that Hall of Famer Robin Yount accidently shot Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum while hunting. While Svem is ok, I’m not. Sveum was able to play off getting pelted with some pellets in his back and having one stuck in his ear by jokingly calling Yount “Dick Cheney.” I don’t find the incident particularly amusing. What if he lost an eye, obtained brain damage, was seriously injured or died from complications from his wounds? Would the Sveum family be so lax about the incident? You can be sure Dale wouldn’t be.

The older I get the less I see the need for anyone to have a gun. If someone can tell me why it is that we actually need to have these things, I would greatly appreciate it. If they didn’t exist, criminals wouldn’t have them so no one would need to carry one to protect themselves. If it’s hunting that you want to partake in, set a trap like Wile E Coyote does or something and have fun hunting that way. It’s not a game anyway when you have a gun and the animal doesn’t. Give the animal a gun too and then you’ve got a fair game…

Think about the headlines the past few days. We’ve had the Hector “Macho” Camacho incident, the Jovan Belcher incident, and now the Yount / Sveum incident. Thankfully Sveum fared better than those involved in the other occurrences.

Dale is a good friend of RotoExperts and we are certainly happy to hear that he’s ok. But spending any time at all getting on Costas for speaking out on guns just isn’t the right thing to do. There has got to be something more important to people than fighting for the right to potentially shoot something or someone. If that’s what excites you, I suggest trying chess. If that’s too difficult for you, try checkers…

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