Robert Griffin III Fined $10K for Wearing Adidas Shirt

Robert Griffin III is basically a model for how all young players should come into the NFL. He’s humble. He’s a leader. He has enough talent to justify the hopes and expectations that were bestowed upon him by the Washington Redskins. If the NFL ever wrote a guide for highly touted college players who want to transition into the pro ranks, they could essentially just recap RGIII’s first year.

Aside from one little thing.

You see, after a very long and somewhat prosperous relationship with Reebok, the NFL decided to make Nike their exclusive on-field apparel provider. According to Bloomberg, the deal between America’s biggest sports league and America’s most well-known sportswear company is worth as much as $35 million per year. Because of how much money is on the line, you can understand why all sides are a little touchy about NFL players only wearing Nike gear.

Here is the problem: RGIII has a sponsorship deal with Adidas.

While conducting a news conference recently, Griffin came out sporting an Adidas shirt. The NFL didn’t like that very much.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing "unauthorized apparel" to his postgame news conference Sunday.

Here is the only question I had after hearing about this: did RGIII purposely wear the shirt because he knows that Adidas will just compensate for any lost income he has to incur? These guys have way too many handlers and other people around them at all times to not know what brands they can and can’t wear to NFL-related press conferences. Couple that with the fact that this isn’t Griffin’s first apparel-related run-in with the league, and it begins to feel like he knows that he isn’t supposed to be wearing this stuff but just doesn't really care.

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