Robert Griffin III is Cool with Kirk Cousins, According to Mike Shanahan


After some backlash was received towards Mike Shanahan for taking Kirk Cousins in the fourth round, even after drafting Robert Griffin III, we can put that storyline away.

RGIII wasn't upset with the pick, saying he understands and supports the pick of the former Michigan State QB.

"Robert was in here today and I told him, 'Don't be surprised if we take another quarterback,' " Shanahan told USA Today.

"He said, 'Coach, do what you can to put the best team together,' " Shanahan said. "He understands."

Shanahan says he isn't looking for any quarterback controversy, even though the Redskins have been through tons of drama for the past few years with guys like Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb.

With that, he plans to do everything with Griffin III and build around him, not Cousins.

"Robert Griffin is our future," Shanahan said. "He's got everything that you need to be a success. That's my guy. In the back of my mind, I know that if things happen, I've got to be as prepared as possible and build the best team that I can."

As for Cousins, Shanahan's sees him for being a serviceable back-up, or insurance if Griffin III were ever to get injured.

"You're one or two plays away from being the starter," Shanahan said. "And if I see that value out there on the third day of the draft, I'm going to take that."

According to the report, Shanahan will have both quarterbacks have equal reps during workouts. Then Griffin III will be seeing more reps while Cousins' gets scaled back as training camp rolls around.

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Cousins played solid when he was at Michigan State and scouts say he could end up being starter in a few years. Rumors have it that the Redskins could use him as trade bait in the next couple of years or so once he starts grooming him.

"I was trying to forecast which teams would be looking at a quarterback, and I didn't see the Redskins thinking along those lines," Cousins said. "But Coach Shanahan's words to me were that he couldn't pass me up."

Shanahan has done this before, working with John Elway and Gary Kubiak when he was in Denver. Elway was a No. 1 pick while Kubiak was an eighth-rounder, similar to that of the RGIII-Cousins scenario. It turned out well and Elway did fine.

"Been there, done that," Shanahan said. "I think it worked out pretty well."

Honestly, this shouldn't be a big deal now as of before. If the Colts took Cousins with Andrew Luck still on the team, would people be making this big deal?

Griffin III will be the starter.

He's the future.

After all, they did trade away like three first-rounders just to get him.

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