Robert Griffin III Allegedly Implicated In Texting Scandal


Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is one of the brightest and most promising starts in the NFL, dazzling fans and bewildering opponents with an incredible arm and explosive speed. Well-spoken, gregarious and humble, he’s also become one of the league’s most appealing and marketable starts in just a season. However, as he rebounds from reconstructive knee surgery, he may have to brace himself for a hit to his reputation, as well.

According to Deadspin:

Busted Coverage posted screencaps of text messages supposedly between a professional athlete and a college student/Hooters waitress. The story would not have been all that newsworthy had it not been for two factors: The athlete is Robert Griffin III, and the texts were sent on Griffin's wedding day.

“The backstory was fairly public. After the folks at Busted Coverage received iPhone screenshots dated July 6 showing someone listed in contacts as "RGIII" texting and sending a shirtless photo, they tracked down the woman. Her name is Meredith, and she's a VCU student and Redskins fan, and her social media history is filled with mentions of Griffin, as well as an October photo showing two Redskins tickets she claimed (but later denied) he sent her.

“An anonymous "Jane Doe" sent along screenshots of Meredith and Griffin using FaceTime video chat on two separate occasions. Joe Kinsey, the editor of Busted Coverage, tells us the Jane Doe sent it in because she didn't want Meredith to profit.”

The full Busted Coverage story also includes a conversation between Meredith and the article’s author, in which they haggle over the price of screenshots of conversations with and explicit pictures of the quarterback. Deadspin also received an email who wanted to sell the website, "’information, text messages, FaceTime screenshots, pictures, you name it, proving that it was indeed him and he's been up to it for some time.’"

“He claimed he has text conversations of Griffin trying to get her to meet him in Vegas, and at least one photo of Griffin's penis. In a subsequent email, he wrote, ‘This is the next Brett Favre story, if not even bigger,’ and demanded $25,000—or $13,000 more than we paid for the Favre voicemails and photos.”

Sources: Deadspin,Busted Coverage


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