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MMA Analysis: Nick Diaz in Boxing

Many modern-day MMA fighters who are not receiving near a half million dollar and above payouts, yet draw in many fans are wondering how to raise their stock. Nick Diaz has to be a prime example of this, making considerably less than the champions around him, and taking a lot of damage in the process. Diaz has once again expressed his feelings on how Strikeforce doesn’t have any more competition for him and that they don’t pay enough for the fights he wins.

While this might seem like a temporary issue Diaz has turned to boxing for the pay he believes he deserve until a reasonable offer or fight is lined up. 

Originally Camp Caesar Gracie wanted him to compete in a high-profile fight with Fernando Vargas, but the fight fell out due to medical issues with Vargas. The next fight that arose from the ashes was a man by the name of Sergio Martinez. Martinez has an astounding record of 47-2 with 26 knockouts and is a well-rounded professional boxer that many are afraid to face. 

The fact that Martinez wouldn’t absolutely wreck Diaz in a boxing right is a far stretch but for Diaz it would be the major payday and a chance to pull a James “Buster” Douglas. This fight has already been appealing to a major boxing promoter knowing it would sell out a venue in California and the possibility of making this happen, even as an exhibition seems reasonable.

The fight will work out good for boxing and MMA fans, so it’s left to the ZUFFA brass to let their fighter fight or give in to his demands. Let’s just hope we get to see him fight again in MMA soon and not retire as one of the most memorable fighters never to get his chance at glory.

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