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NBA: Trouble Between Rip Hamilton and Pistons?

Rip Hamilton has been a fixture for the Detroit Pistons for quite some time now. He was a key cog in their run of six consecutive Eastern Conference Finals appearances.

However, he’s just not the same player that he used to be and sources tell the Detroit News that Hamilton has become frustrated with his role on the team and is starting to become a distraction. He didn’t participate in practice on Sunday and missed Sunday’s game with an “upset stomach.” Yep, that’s in quotes because no one believes him.

“He quit on us,” one team source said.

The Pistons have been trying to move Hamilton for two years, but Joe Dumars has said that it’s tough to make deals right now because the team is for sale. However, he did say that he’d have a “Come to Jesus” meeting with him if he had to.

“If I need to have a long talk with him, I will,” Dumars said Monday on WDFN. “I’ll see how Rip is doing tomorrow when he gets in here. Rip’s been good for me.”

A big reason for Hamilton’s pissiness is probably due to the fact that he lost his starting job to Ben Gordon.


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