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Rickson Gracie is Opening an Interesting New MMA Promotion

Jiu-jitsu legend Rickson Gracie (11-0) plans to open an MMA promotion that leaves no doubt in everyone's mind has to who deserved to win.

"We want to create a new paradigm and recover values from the fight that were lost over time," said Gracie to Fighters Only. "Today, MMA fighting means blood and money. We will honor the warrior spirit and the fighting art."

Some of the major differences will be: that weigh in takes place the day of the fight, if someone is close to losing a fight in the closing seconds the bell won't sound, there are no judges and the first round will be 10 minutes and the seconds five minutes.

If after the 15 minutes no winner is crowned, the fight goes to a three vote system. Gracie, the referee and the fans will each have one vote.

Gracie last competed professionally in 2000. All of his fights he won via submission in the first round, with the exception of one that lasted until the third round. Gracie may be most known for his two early appearances in Pride, where he competed on the shows first event.

Gracie's company Mestre do Combate debuts November 22 from Rio de Janeiro.

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