Rick Pitino Gives Scholarship to Tony Woods, Broke GF's Spine

The next time someonetells you that there is any decency left in college athletics, remember this story.

Louisville’s Rick Pitino has never been confused for being a great guy. Between bringing new meaning to the phrase “seven seconds or less” with his extramarital sexual encounters and general slimy demeanor, he’s gotten himself quite a long list of detractors. However, he’s hit a new low with this latest move.

Ex-Wake Forest center Tony Woods was extended a basketball scholarship by Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals family for 2011.  

Aside from being a 6-11 big man the Cardinals desperately need, Woods also carries around the noble distinction of making recent headlines for allegedly kicking and pushing his girlfriend (and mother of his 1-year-old child) hard enough to fracture her spine.

Who doesn’t need the resident alleged domestic abuser on their roster? (Innocent until proven guilty!)

To top it all off, Woods hasn’t even shown himself to be a star on the basketball court. As a sophomore with Wake Forest he...

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