Richard Seymour to the Atlanta Falcons?

For the first time since he became a free agent in March, there is finally something to report on Richard Seymour. According to the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Seymour is getting considerable interest from the Atlanta Falcons, who could definitely use some help on the defensive line.

In the earlier stages of free agency Seymour was rumoured to only be interested in playing if he found a financially satisfying contract. Over two months after the beginning of free agency and about a month after the draft, there isn’t much in the way of cap space to spend on Seymour. Especially where the Falcons are concerned.

The Falcons currently have somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2M in cap space, but will receive an extra $4.5M on June 1st courtesy of Tyson Clabo coming off the books. How much of this money the Falcons will be willing to spend on Seymour and how much it will take to bring Seymour to town have yet to be determined, but the two sides will have about $6.5M to work with in negotiations.

If the cash-money isn’t to Seymour’s liking, the Falcons also have the benefit of being located in Atlanta. For Seymour a signing in Atlanta would be like a return trip home for the final stages of his career. His collegiate playing career was spent at the University of Georgia, and now his adopted son has committed to play there in 2013. Whatever the Falcons might lack in dollars, they could easily make up for in sentimental value.

It is also worth noting that the Falcons offer the one thing that most veterans (but apparently not Charles Woodson) are looking for: a chance to compete for a Super Bowl. The Falcons have retooled on offense and defense, and figure to improve upon last season where they came within a game of the Super Bowl. Assuming he gets that one last ring to top off his career, he would feature a hand full (thumb not included) and that in itself should be enough to bring him in tow.

There appears to be little if any urgency on either side to get this deal done, but that is just a bi-product of the circumstances each side is under. Seymour, at the age of 33 and having come off an injury riddled season, will probably sign as late into the offseason as he can get away with. He’s also apparently in very good shape financially, and could still just decide to retire. As for the Falcons, they don’t have the financial means (at least where the salary cap is concerned) to sign Seymour until, at the very earliest, June 1st. Could be a while before anything consummates between these two clubs, but some news is better than none.

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