Ric Flair Talks All Things MMA

Wrestling legend Ric Flair helped push the sport into more homes than just about any other person to grace the squared circle. However, if mixed martial arts had been as popular back when Flair was growing up, would he have entered MMA instead?

"No, I wouldn't (go into MMA)," said Flair, during a recent interview with WrestleNewz. "I will watch MMA if someone I know is actually in it, but all the guys I know personally are gone."

Flair mentioned the likes of Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and Brock Lesnar as those he followed, adding, "The other guys now, I don't watch, because I don't care about them."

"The Nature Boy" continued to discuss MMA, saying, "I'll tell you. I have been in matches with Bruiser Brody that were tougher than any MMA match! Especially in Tokyo. Same thing with Stan Hansen. Try getting in the ring with him one time in Tokyo, brother. Good lord! And F.Y.I., nobody in MMA could have beaten Harley Race or Dick Slater. Those guys were just that tough."

Flair is now 63 and not currently signed with any wrestling promotion, though there have been rumors of his return to the WWE.

You can read the entire interview with Flair on WrestleNewz.com.

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