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Rex Ryan's Tattoo of His Wife Wearing a Mark Sanchez Jersey is Amazing

There isn’t a day that goes by in the New York metropolitan area where something doesn’t happen that you’ve never seen before and couldn’t have possibly imagined happening when you woke up that day. I’m sure having eight pro sports teams one local has something to do with that, but even still, much of the stuff that occurs you just can’t make up.

So when I turned on the local news Thursday night and found out that San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson had to leave the game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden after spraining his ankle when he tripped over a waitress who was kneeling by the courtside seat of New York City billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, I was giddy because I knew that Friday’s news would be even better. It just always is…

Little did I know how much better… This week’s news that Rex Ryan has a tattoo on his right arm showing his wife Michelle wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey (and nothing else) while apparently Tebowing is the most refreshing breaking news of the year. Yeah, I know we are only four days in, but it sounds good…

The paparazzi picture above was snapped while Rex was vacationing in the Bahamas yesterday poolside at the exclusive Cove Atlantis resort. On the coach’s right arm are two tattoo’s, one featuring a shamrock and the names of his wife and children, Payton and Seth; and one showing a sexy Michelle wearing a Sanchez uniform top and eying the viewer with bedroom eyes while apparently Tebowing.

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Is Rex playing us all? With the media blasting the Jets coach for not speaking to them after the conclusion of this season’s on and off field debacle, is Rex going to get the last laugh? Has this been planned all along? Is the tattoo a fake? When Rex holds his press conference on Tuesday, will the tattoo be gone? Will he wipe the tattoo clean in front of the media at the podium? Does the beaten down coach still have it in him to return to his old jovial self and pull an all-time prank on all of us?

Think about this seriously for a moment. Think about everything that’s happened the past few weeks with the Jets, particularly with the Sanchez, Tebow, McElroy situation. Could the tattoo possibly be real? That would be just too much for everyone to take wouldn’t it? How could Rex not be the laughing stock of the sports world? The late night talk show hosts have to be salivating. Can you imagine the Saturday Night Live writers sitting in a room right now doubling over in pain from laughter?

I know the NFL Playoffs are here and I know the New York Jets have absolutely no relevance whatsoever when it comes to the NFL landscape at the moment. That being said, I can’t imagine anything happening on the field this weekend that would be more entertaining than what’s going on with Rex’s right arm at the moment. Either way, whether Rex has pulled an all-time joke on us or whether he’s done the unthinkable, I sincerely hope the guy gets a contract extension. Who cares if the Jets win or lose anymore, this guy is just too damn fun to follow.


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