Rex Ryan is Not Worried About the New York Jets


Fresh off two victories in a row (the first time that’s happened all season) the New York Jets appear to be rejuvenated. According to Rex Ryan, the Jets are in a situation that many NFL teams would like to be in because he has three quarterbacks that he’s confident in. (Yes, he actually said that.) And with the Jets running game en fuego averaging 171.5 yards per game the past two weeks and their defense playing lights out, the Jets appear poised to run the table.

With some help from the Steelers and Bengals, the Jets have a great opportunity to grab a playoff spot at 9-7.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about Rex Ryan’s press conference before their Week 17 game against the Bills should the Jets get to 8-7 with a chance at reaching the tournament. It would go something like this…

Everyone counted us out except us. I’ve been telling you all year that I believe in this team and now we’ve won four games in a row and there no hotter team in the NFL than us. I can’t tell you this, I don’t know if we’ll get in the playoffs but if we do no one will want to play us. We are a dangerous team right now.”

With the signing of Braylon Edwards the Jets now feel that they have the opportunity to be successful in the passing game. Ryan appears not to be placing any focus on how it is exactly that the ball will get from center Nick Mangold’s hands to Edwards’. In Ryan’s world, those appear to be silly details that will take care of themselves.

Rex Ryan’s teams are and always will be focused on defense. With the offense struggling so much this season if the Jets are going to make the playoffs their defense will continue to have to carry them. Playing the Titans, Chargers and Bills to close out the season, all teams without winning records, it is in fact possible that the Jets can win their last five games. As usual, Ryan is confident about the Jets prospects. I suspect that if anyone in the media asks Ryan about the asteroid whizzing by earth today, Ryan will tell them not to worry because the Jets defense will be ready…

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