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Rex Ryan, New York Jets Have Some Strange Plans for Tim Tebow

Did anyone else see or hear Rex Ryan on Tim Brando’s show?

First let me say that I’m a lifelong Jets fan; a huge one. Anyone who knows me knows I bleed green. I was wearing a #42 Bruce Harper jersey way before Fireman Ed. In fact, I was wearing one standing in the end zone area seats during the 1981 AFC Wild Card Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills at Shea Stadium when my guy, Bruce Harper, fumbled the opening kickoff in one of the greatest playoff games ever.

The Jets spotted Buffalo 24 points that day and almost pulled off the comeback. To this day I still can’t figure out how Richard Todd didn’t see Bill Simpson… I’ve been fighting the good fight ever since and “maybe, just maybe this might be the year,” is what I’ve been saying for 31 years since.

Back to Rex and the Brando interview. Here’s the segment that knocked my Aunt Connie’s socks off.

“Are there guys that are more accurate than him as a quarterback? Yeah, absolutely. But when you look at him, he’s had a lot of success as a quarterback. But I like the fact this guy’s a football player and, even what he can add to our punt team, you know as a personal protector – you know, do you really want to rush the punter? Because we may fake it.

That’s the thing where you’re going to have to have your antenna up and things like that and, I know as people look at it like, hey, we can, you know, rush the punter and get a free shot on Tebow, Yeah, well the thing is, he’s going to give it out as much as he takes it, I can promise you. He’s 255 pounds. He’s a rocked-up young man, and like I said, he’s competitive…. he’s going to add a lot to our football team.”

Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd to describe the guy you traded two draft picks for as a “personal punt protector”??? I didn’t hear any talk about how he’ll be a red-zone threat or someone who will be effective in certain packages, just that he may fake punts or mix it up getting physical as a blocker.

Tebow is at Mark Sanchez’ Jets West Camp this week with many of the skill position players including Santonio Holmes. Does that mean they are they working on the punt team too?

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