Rex Ryan Names Mark Sanchez the Jets Starting Quarterback for this Weekend


So long as he doesn’t magically turn into Tim Tebow in his sleep, Mark Sanchez’s position as starting quarterback of the New York Jets seems pretty secure.

This past Sunday, Sanchez was benched by head coach Rex Ryan after throwing three interceptions. He finished the day 10-of-21 for 97 yards. His replacement, Greg McElroy, threw for 29 yards and a score on five-of-seven passing. That line admittedly doesn’t sound particularly impressive, but seeing as the game ended with a 7-6 Jets victory, McElroy’s one score was actually pretty consequential.

In the aftermath of that awful outing, speculation ran rampant that Ryan would finally pull the trigger on replacing Sanchez. That, based on his stellar showing against the Arizona Cardinals, McElroy would get the nod this weekend.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

According to multiple reports, Ryan has to decided to start Sanchez against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite his 13 interceptions. Despite the fact that New York ranks 28th in passing yards this year. And despite the fact that, in theory at least, Tebow was brought in to replace Sanchez under these exact circumstances, Ryan is sticking with his boy.

Of course, the decision to start Sanchez this week wasn’t unanimous.

Jets announce Sanchez as starter, was much disagreement internally about who to start. as of top of this hr the qbs didn't know themselves

— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) December 5, 2012

Stay tuned, folks. Things will only get funnier from here.

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