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Darrelle Revis Won't Play for the Jets This Year?

The New York Jets are now nine days into training camp. That’s nine days without CB Darrelle Revis, who as you may have heard is holding out for more money.

So, how long can he hold out? Could he possibly miss the entire season? Will he play for the Jets in 2010?

My gut feeling is, I would say no,” owner Woody Johnson said in an interview with ESPN’s E:60 program.

That may seem like a big revelation in this story, but we think both sides will say anything right now even for shock value. The Jets want Revis in camp and happy. Revis wants to be in camp and be happy. Things will be said in order to make that happen.

“My impression is no progress,” the owner said. “(They way) Mike characterized it with me, there’s no movement whatsoever…. Nothing new and different, as they say in marketing.”

That’s a bit more factual and should be taken more seriously. That ain’t good. It doesn’t mean that he’ll miss the whole year, but it’s not a good update for a team that has Super Bowl aspirations.

Head coach Rex Ryan is pretty much in the dark on this one as well.

“I have no communication there from my end,” Ryan said. “We’ll know at the appropriate time, I guess…We’ve got to prepare like he’s not going to be here. If he comes walking through the door, that’s fine. Somebody will kiss him on the lips probably.”

Every year it’s the same story in the NFL. There are holdouts. There are guys that won’t come to camp because they need more dough. How often do you see a dude miss an entire season and pay the commensurate fines that go along with that? Rare.

Then again, it’s 2010 and there is serious, serious labor uncertainty. Maybe it happens this year.


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