Darrelle Revis and NY Jets: No Progress


On Saturday, August 21st, Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw attempted to "break a story" by giving us "Inside Information" that Darrelle Revis would sign with the Jets on Wednesday the 25th. That didn't happen.

Many of us expected to hear a mea culpa from Tim, but while he ‘took responsibility" for the misinformation, he stopped far short of an apology on Friday as he left us with the fact that his source told him that if it didn't happen Wednesday the 25th, the signing would happen on Saturday the 28th.

The weekend is now over and we have not yet heard from him on this. I'm not certain what he's waiting for, but whoever has given him the advice to ignore the elephant in the room and go silent on the issue has given him bad career advice.

We know he's still writing because he told us that the Cowboys offense stunk up the joint against the Texans at 1:15am this morning. We didn't need to hear about the Cowboys Tim, anyone who watched the 23-7 trouncing could have wrote that.

What we needed to hear when we woke up this morning was why a columnist with an impressive resume of being a popular sportswriter for The Dallas Morning News, a regular panelist on the ESPN sports talk show Around the Horn, the former lead reporter for the ESPN2 racing show NASCAR Now, a former beat writer for the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers, and one who's in the past provided quality coverage of Oklahoma Sooners football and the San Francisco Giants, would go out on a limb, TWICE making such a claim when it was not signed, sealed and delivered.

The longer he goes without addressing this, the worse the situation will become. From the moment he first tweeted his "Inside Information," reporters came out of the woodwork emphatically stating that Cowlishaw was wrong. Many of these reporters went on to say that Tim was over his head and that as a columnist, he couldn't possibly have the same quality sources that they could.

Here at Xtra point Football, we originally gave Tim the benefit of the doubt thinking that no one of his stature would go out on such a limb to make such a bonehead making career move. Boy were we wrong; our apologies to all the "reporters" who did their homework and got this one right.

Unless Tim Cowlishaw tells us how he arrived at the conclusion he did, even if that means revealing his "source who has never been incorrect" so that we can understand for ourselves why he was motivated to report what he did, all of Tim's industry accomplishments are to be forgotten and he is simply to be known as the columnist who misinformed the nation. - Mike Cardano

Mike is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball and Xtra Point Football.

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