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NY Jets Darrelle Revis is Furious with Team

New York Jets all-world CB Darrelle Revis is reportedly “furious” over the team’s offers to sign him to a long-term contract. Revis is, at the very least, the second-best cornerback in the league (Nnamdi Asomugha?) and he’d like to be paid like it.

Bart Hubbuch of the NY Post has been tweeting updates on the situation all day and it doesn’t sound good. Revis is currently missing voluntary OTA’s, but he could end up skipping mandatory minicamps and possibly even training camp.

Photo Caption: Revis is asked if he plans to show up to training camp without a new contract.

“Revis is telling friends that this compares to the Kendall, Baker, Coles and Leon situations in terms of the #Jets breaking promises,” Hubbuch tweeted.

If you remember, those players all complained that the Jets had made promises to adjust their contracts and never did.

Hubbuch also reports that Revis feels insulted by the low contract offers.

“Revis tells friends he feels the #Jets are breaking their promise by lowballing him so severely with their latest offer,” Hubbuch tweeted.

Lastly, Hubbuch says that Revis is seething at the team for trying to make him seem like the diva who wants an insane amount of money. Revis has publicly disputed any reports that he’s looking for a $20 million-per-year mega deal.

“One more on Revis: He is accusing #Jets of deliberately leaking false report that he wants $20M/year to make him look like the bad guy,” Hubbuch tweeted courtesy of his iPhone.

We don’t know the real story, but we do know that Revis is a stud and should be paid like one. We also know that a Rex Ryan-sized handful of players have openly complained that the Jets went back on their word to get them new contracts.

Something stinks in New York and it just might be Mike Tannenbaum. This is a team with Super Bowl aspirations and they don’t need to have their star player skipping mandatory team activities.


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