Darrelle Revis and New York Jets $40 Million Apart?


According to Gary Meyers of the New York Daily News, the New York Jets and holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis aren’t even close to coming to an agreement on a new contract. How far is “not close?” Try $40 million.

Meyers says that the two sides each have 10-year contract proposals on the table, but that they are off by $40 million in terms of total money. I mean…..really? If that’s accurate, and we have no reason to believe that it’s not (it’s not like it’s Chris Mortensen reporting this), then Revis ain’t coming to camp any time soon.

The Jets have said that they want to agree on the total money of the contract before they get into what will be guaranteed. But, it would seem like at this point they won’t be discussing guaranteed money until early June.

“The proposal I gave to the Jets on Friday reflected the fact Darrelle Revis wants to be a Jet for life,” agent Neil Schwartz said Tuesday.

Okay, fair enough. But, what difference does the total money make? These contract are inflated to make the agent look good, but how much of that total money will the guy ever see? In the NFL, all that counts is the guaranteed money, and it will stay that way until something changes with the CBA.

And what about a Band-Aid proposal? You know, the kind to get him some money in the short term while they work out a long-term contract? The Jets reportedly offered Revis a four-year $40 million in early August, but didn’t say what would be guaranteed. That’s not going to fly.

“The Jets have never given us a proposal with one dollar in signing bonus or one dollar in fully guaranteed money,” Schwartz said. “I don’t care what they say.”

The bottom line is that whether they agree on a long-term contract, or a short-term Band Aid, they need to start talking guarantees. It’s a rough sport, we don’t blame Revis for wanting some security.


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