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Reviewing the NFL After 9 Weeks

By most accounts, whether it’s be political pundits, the pre-election polls or the money flow from people that wager on this stuff, it appears that President Barack Obama will be elected for a second term by the narrowest of margins. In fact, many are predicting the outcome that we don’t want, Willard Mitt Romney winning popular vote but the President getting enough Electoral College votes to retain the presidency. Yes, it’s George W. Bush vs. Al Gore all over again, only this time only Republicans will get the shaft as winning the popular vote (getting the most people to vote for you) could once again possibly mean nothing other than more people voted for you but too bad for you…

I don’t really know how to feel about this to be honest. America was in a different time and place when the Electoral College process was put into effect. The population was smaller, the geographic distribution of the population was different and the level of education of the common citizen is now different too. One could certainly argue that the popular vote should rule however I understand the merits of the Electoral College concept and could make a compelling argument for that too. I just know that it can’t possibly be good for the country if once again the guy who more people vote for doesn’t win.

While predicting the presidential race may not be so easy, predicting who the contenders are for the Super Bowl is turning out to be pretty easy.

In the AFC East the Dolphins are better, the Patriots once again have a dominating offense but there isn’t a defense in the division that could stop you or I. The Ravens and Steelers will once again duke it out in the AFC Central but the injuries mounting in Baltimore make it difficult to think that they can go all the way. In the AFC South the Texans are clearly the class of the division (the entire AFC really) but who isn’t rooting for Andrew Luck and the Colts? At 5-3 they have to be the surprise of the league. In the AFC West it’s hard to imagine the Broncos not coming out on top, but just like every year, the disclaimer that the Chargers have the best personnel had to be mentioned.

In the NFC West the Giants have the best record but anything can happen there as the Eagles or Cowboys both have the personnel to make a run. In fact, when you look at them it’s hard to believe that they are both under .500 (although the Eagles could get back to break even tonight). The Bears are the best team in the NFC Central. The Packers are too much like the Patriots to make it to the promised land this year, all offense, no defense. With the Vikings and Lions in that division brining up the rear, this is the best division in football. It’s quite possible that there will be three playoff teams that come out of this division. The Falcons are the class of the NFC South and the entire NFL and in the NFC West, the 49ers should be able to hold off the rest of the pack as their defense is the best in the game. The Seahawks have a shot because of their defense and will likely duke it out with one of the NFC Central teams for a playoff spot.

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