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A Review of Basketball Documentary "Flint Star"

Flint Star is a documentary that details the basketball brilliance that comes from Flint, Michigan. Flint Star is real. Flint Star is amazing. Marcus Davenport, a veteran public school teacher and independent filmaker, outdid himself. Flint has produced great pro players including Glen Rice, Mateen Cleaves and Eddie Robinson (to name a few). Living in Flint is tough. It's a high crime area, without a ton to do. For many players, it's either play basketball, or get involved in crime.

Luckily, basketball has been a savior for many Flintstones. Cleaves, Robinson and many others give perspective about how they came up, how Flint basketball was and is and a whole lot more. Their perspectives were great themselves, but what was so amazing about this film was the delivery. It's as if I sat at a dinner table in Flint for an hour and a half, without the awkwardness. I was in Flint without truly being there. Everyone mostly shoots the breeze about the game. It's not some uptight question and answer session. This is a guy, a camera and life happening around him.

Some may say Flint Star doesn't have any glits, glamour or effects. Does real life have that? No. This film is for people that want true, historical perspective. It's not for people who want some Hollywood film that gets away from reality. Flint Star is like taking a trip to your local YMCA basketball court. It stays true to reality and gives you ideas of the talent.

Need any additional confidence in Flint Star? Read TrueHoop's perspective on it. Try and get a copy (appears they've sold out!).

I came away from this film enlightened and moved. Flint is a basketball mecca. It's up there with Seattle, New York and Chicago. As basketball enthusiasts, we must realize this. Flint Star proves that what you hear on an NBA broadcast isn't the full story. Rarely is the amount of talent coming from Flint mentioned on such a platform. Flint Star provides prospective, defies what I knew and is a must see!

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