A Review of Awful Things that Happened Because of Nike Air Jordan 11 Concords

In an effort to remind us all just how petty and egregiously stupid certain folks can get when given the opportunity to buy new shoes, a series of fights and arrests ensued on Thursday night -- and Friday morning -- while people stood in line to get a pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 Concords.

Here is a round-up of people getting into the Christmas spirit:

“In Atlanta, at least four people were arrested in a mob scene at a suburban mall.” [ABC]

“Police had to smash the windows of a car to get two toddlers out after a woman had left them there to go buy the shoes” [AP]

“Florida police used pepper spray on unruly shoe seekers.” [Opposing Views]

“25 police cars swarm Lafayette Sq Mall around 7 a.m. as folks make rush for Air Jordan shoes. Door to mall was reportedly torn off hinges.” [IBJ The Score]

“Twitter buzzing that a kid named Tyreek Amir Jacobs got killed over the Concords last night. This story has not been confirmed.” [Darren Rovell]

“Police also had to break up rowdy crowds and mall brawls in Louisville, Houston, San Antonio and Spokane." [CSM]

And how about some visuals?

The sweet irony here, of course, is that most sneakerheads are also basketball fans. Basketball fans with short memories would be wise to remember that this past summer we experienced a lockout in which Michael Jordan (among others) held the league hostage in order to put more severe restrictions on player salaries and spending for big market teams. Jordan did it because he felt like his team wasn’t making enough money for his liking. Coincidentally, he’s also one of the biggest beneficiaries of folks beating each other up, getting arrested and maybe killing over these shoes.

Good times.

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