Retired Portland Trail Blazers Star Brandon Roy Will Make an NBA Comeback

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Brandon Roy is preparing for an NBA return next season.

He answered questions using his college teammate's (Will Conroy) Twitter account.

There was some speculation that Roy's retirement was more of a business decision than an injury. Roy had a max deal with Portland until the 2014-15 season (last year being an opt-out year) and, with Roy being limited, Portland decided to use the amnesty clause on him after he announced his retirement. He hasn't played since the Blazers were ousted in Game 6 of their first-round match-up against the eventual champions Dallas in the playoffs last year.

I don't want to sound like a jerk and tell him what he can't or/and shouldn't do. I don't want to tell him that he should just enjoy a quiet family life and not to attempt an NBA comeback. After all, knee injuries are no joke and he has no cartilage left. And cartilage just doesn't grow back. But, hey, Brandon Roy is an adult and he can make his own decisions. He doesn't expect to become an NBA All-Star again, let alone be the franchise player that he used to be; he just wants to play basketball again in the NBA. And that's fine. We just don't want to see him be a shell of his former self... but maybe we should applaud him for even trying. Why SHOULD we tell people that they can't do certain things? Why should we tell Brandon Roy he can't do it? He knows his health better than we do. Let him have this shot. And if he doesn't make it? At least, he tried.

Basketball is what he loved to do the most and I'm sure it's killing Roy that he's not playing. And I'm sure it'd be even worse if he thinks he's healthy enough and he didn't give it one more try. He's not even 28 years old yet. So while he's still young, why not go for it?

I'm sure there are teams out there that will see if he's good enough to play limited minutes as a back-up in the backcourt. As long as they don't expect his All-Star self, it's all good. Plus he'll obviously be cheap (since the Blazers are still paying him his max deal) so there isn't much of a risk for teams here.

Good luck to Brandon Roy. I hope he proves a lot of us wrong. And if he doesn't make it back, no shame in trying. Just stay healthy, Brandon.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images.

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